srpanj 22 2021

Poziv na predavanje dr. sc. Fatime O. Smagulova

Poziv na predavanje dr. sc. Fatime O. Smagulova

Objavljeno 19.07.2021.

Pozivaju se zainteresirani na predavanje “Environmentally induced epigenetic transgenerational inheritance“ koje će održati Fatima O. Smagulova, PhD sa medicinskog instituta INSERM/Irset i Sveučiišta u Rennesu. Biti će predstavljena istraživanja koja se provode u sklopu projekta European Human Biomonitoring.

Predavanje će se održati 22.07.2021. u 13.00 sati na Institutu Rudjer Bošković, Dvorana 3. krilo.

Sažetak predavanja: Abstract: We are interested in studies of effects of environmental factors on human health. Recently, a series of studies have shown that exposing the gestating mammalian female F0 to environmental factors during embryonic gonadal sex determination causes changes in DNA methylation that are retained in adult F1 to F3 male progeny, which produce sperm with altered DNA methylation. Effects on DNA methylation reprogramming were suggested as a major mechanism for transgenerational inheritance of chromatin modifications. In addition to DNA methylation, it was suggested that histone modifications could also play a role in epigenetic inheritance. The evidence for this mechanism comes from histone retention studies in sperm, with 10% of the haploid genome in humans and 1% in mice being able to retain the nucleosomes. These nucleosome-protected regions are of great interest because they can potentially mediate transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. In our studies, we examined the effects of environmental toxicants on germline and somatic cells with the focus on histone modifications.