December 08 2022

Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF) 2023

Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF) 2023

Published 06.11.2022.

Registration for the upcoming 22nd FEBS Young Scientists’ Forum is now open. It will be held from July 6th to 8th 2023 in Tours in France.

This time, the organisation is led by the experienced international team, consisting of the members of the Organisation committees of previous successful YSFs. It is our great honor that two HDBMB members are beeing part of it Dr Maja Katalinić and Dr Nino Sinčić.

The 22nd FEBS Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF 2023) will start on Thursday July 6th, 2023 with an inspiring opening lecture and a welcome dinner. The scientific programme over the following days will provide opportunities for all participants to present their research as oral presentations and/or posters, and we are also looking forward to fascinating talks from the keynote speakers. In addition, for part of Friday July 7th ‘Careers Skills’ sessions will provide advice on key skills and early-career options. Programme in detail is available at YSF congress web page.

Eligibility criteria for YSF 2023:

– be a member of a FEBS Constituent Society

– PhD student or a postdoctoral student status

– up to 35 years of age (exceptions possible)

– submit a single abstract to the 22nd FEBS YSF and 47th FEBS Congress as first author

Other specific criteria and list of all document needed please find at

Deadline for application: December 8th 2022

Notifications of YSF award winners: February 10, 2023

FEBS will provide financial support for participation in the YSF and the ensuing 47th FEBS Congress “Together in bioscience for a better future” (Tours, July 8-12 2023). Grants will cover registration and accommodation in shared rooms (for both events) and up to 80% of the travel costs to Tours, France. 

Due to a relatively short deadline please make sure you contact your Society Secretariat to obtain the proof of membership document on time.