HDBMB participated in the 10th Scientific Picnic!

HDBMB participated in the 10th Scientific Picnic!

Published 01.10.2021.

HDBMB participated in the 10th Scientific Picnic held on September 24 and 25, 2021, in Gornja Stubica (in the park of the Oršić Castle). The main goal of this manifestation is to raise interest in science and raise public awareness and policy makers for Croatia to have the first interactive scientific educational and entertainment center ZEZ. For that reason, Picnic has been communicated for ten years as a science center without a roof.

On the Picnic, our Society participated with the workshop “DNA – the most coiled molecule in a banana”. The workshop focused on the DNA molecule, its discovery, why it is important, what its role is, what it is made of and how it multiplies. We gave the answer to why it is the most coiled molecule and how it fits into a microscopically small cell, and about its distribution in the (living) world. The practical part of the workshop consisted of isolating DNA from a banana and trying to isolate it from a toy.

Visitors had the opportunity to watch, participate or assist in performing the experiments and learn about the world of DNA.

Members of the Executive committee Ivana Vrhovac Madunić (IMROH), Vedrana Filić Mileta (IRB) and Olga Gornik Kljaić (Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry) participated as coordinators of this event on behalf of Croatian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, together with young members, PhD students, Matej Nemčić, Branimir Plavša, Dinko Šoić and Borna Rapčan from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Zagreb.

Isolated DNA molecule