The quality of education in the field of molecular life sciences is extremely important for the successful development of future scientists and experts in the field. HDBMB, therefore, through the organization of workshops, courses, and lectures, seeks to provide appropriate programs, thus contributing to the process of acquiring skills necessary for a successful career of young scientists as well as the improvement of teacher competencies that are crucial for the quality of learning and teaching.



HDBMB & FEBS Education Workshop: Excellent Lab Book for Excellent Careers, virtual, December 17 – 18, 2020
The Workshop was organized through the program of the Education Ambassadors Program (FEBS). After several delays, the Workshop had to be held virtually due to epidemiological measures. The Workshop Programme was focused on informing the participants about the importance of laboratory book quality in various fields, such as academia, industry, and publishing. The practical part of the WS focused on improving the participants’ skills needed for quality management of the lab book was conducted through small group discussions. The coordinators of the Workshop were Nino Sinčić and Morana Dulić, and the members of the Organising Committee were Jerka Dumić, Maja Katalinić, Damjan Franjević, Zrinka Kovarik, Igor Stuparević, Ferhan Sagin (Turkey), and Jason Perret (Belgium). The theoretical part was attended by about hundred participants, while the discussions in small groups were attended by about thirty participants, who through the survey expressed satisfaction with the content and proposed reorganization.


HDBMB & FEBS Education Workshop: Better skills for better jobs: Education and Training for Successful Research Careers, Lovran, September 25 and 28, 2019
The Workshop was organized within the framework of the program of the Education Committee, which financially supports the organization of education workshops by FEBS Education Ambassadors. The Workshop Programme was focused on improving the skills of young scientists and teachers, necessary for the successful development of their careers. The lectures given by Seamus Martin, Robert Harris, Oliver Vugrek and Jerka Dumić were accompanied by small group discussions. The main organizers of the Workshop, in which about sixty participants participated, were Jerka Dumić and Igor Stuparević.


FEBS Workshop on Molecular Life Science Education: Innovative Methods and Use of Technologies in Education, Zagreb, April 4 – 5, 2018.
Recognizing the needs of HDBMB members for education on new methods of learning and teaching, the HDBMB Education Committee invited the FEBS Education Committee to organize an Education Workshop. The Workshop Programme was focused on innovative methods and use of technologies in the teaching process at both graduate and postgraduate levels. The main organizer of the Workshop was Gül Güner Akdogan, while the coordinator from the Croatian side was Jerka Dumić. The workshop gathered about sixty participants from almost all Croatian universities, but also from scientific research institutes.


FEBS Workshop: Education in biochemistry and molecular biology, Opatija, September 18 – 19, 2010
Following the closing of the HDBMB2010 Congress, the Education Workshop on teaching in biochemistry and molecular Biology began, organized by Gül Güner Akdogan in collaboration with Karmela Barišić. The Workshop Programme was focused on the challenges of post-graduate education, ethics education, and problem-based learning, and was led by Gül Güner-Akdogan, Jason Perret, Keith Elliott, and Chris Willmott. About fifty participants had the opportunity to participate in small-group discussions, which contributed significantly to the quality of the Workshop content.